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Job Search Skills

Job Specific Resumes
    • applying for a specific position that has been advertised or you have heard a position is available.
    • gather information about the organization and the job position through informational interviews, newspapers, websites, annual reports and libraries.
    • obtain job description and statement of qualifications.
    • customize your resume to show you meet all of the qualifications needed for the position.
    • use terminology and key words of the company.
    • provide relevant transferable skills.
    • appeal to the employer by showing you have done your homework.

Tips for Writing Job Specific Resumes

In order to be considered for an interview, your resume must clearly identify that you meet or exceed the job or contract criteria.

Carefully read the qualifications.  If you need clarification regarding the qualifications, contact the organization.

On a working draft, it is a good idea to number each qualification and cross-reference the number to the resume.  Does your resume identify beyond question that you meet all the qualifications?

Have someone else read your resume and the job qualifications for feedback on whether or not you have addressed all areas.

Be aware that both the cover letter and resume will be considered in your application.