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Job Search Skills

Develop It

Developing a Resume
Career Profile or Career Objective Statements
  • enable you to describe how you wish to be seen by potential employers.
  • clear, concise statement of your knowledge, skills and experience and what type of work you are looking for.


"An office assistant with 3 years experience in the administrative assistant industry.  Particular strengths include organizational abilities, flexibility and commitment to customer service."

"A financial administrative clerk with over 10 years experience together with recent training in automated accounting systems.  Particular strengths include financial accounting, payroll management and supervision."

For less direct experience but transferable skills, you might add:

"A recent college graduate with training in automated financial accounting and payroll together with co-op work experience with a large financial institution."

You may choose to have a simple objective statement then bullet your skills and abilities under a separate heading.


Career Objective (or just Objective):  Office Assistant


  • Three years experience in the rapidly growing hotel industry.
  • Excellent organizational abilities.

Accomplishment Statements

Accomplishment Statements demonstrate what you have accomplished for an organization and the skills you used to do so.  You can build accomplishment statements into your resume.


  • Delivered prompt and courteous service to the public by receiving walk-in customers, responding to incoming phone calls, determining client needs and directing to appropriate resources.
  • Achieved early payment incentives by developing a summary reporting system to monitor accounts payable.

Accomplishments may come from:

  • decreased costs
  • increased productivity
  • streamlined operations
  • helped with better decision making
  • reduced time
  • improved reliability

Your Main or "Generic" Resume:

  • consists of your work history, education, skills, abilities, accomplishments and gives a general statement of what type of work you are looking for (Career Profile or Objective).
  • a resume you can use to generally apply for work.